Wrap-up: Developer Meetup on Git

The end of February was all about Git for us. We held our popular Developer Meetups in both Prague and Brno, this time under the headline “Mastering the Art of Git”. The widely used source code management system is something we can’t imagine working without. And we wanted to share our knowledge, tips and tricks with you, too.

Cheatsheet photo

Photos can be found on our Facebook page: Prague and Brno. As a small gift, all participants received the Git Cheatsheet. You can download a PDF of it here.

And if you couldn’t make it, don’t worry, we recorded the Prague Meetup for you, here are all four parts:

- - -

If you would like to go through the presentations again, they are available here:

  1. Robert Rossmann: Git Under The Hood
  2. Matus Sabo: Git Commands and Practices
  3. Martin Stava: Git Workflows
  4. Jakub Sedlak: Git GUI

Follow us on Eventbrite or Facebook to find out more about upcoming events. Our next Meetup at the end of March will be focused on Backend followed by a Meetup on iOS in April. Before that, we will chat with Razmig Hovaghimian at our next Silicon Valley Insights event on March 29, and this Saturday you can join us for our Apple TV, Android TV & Chromecast Hackathon in Brno!

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Hope to see you soon at one of our next events!