Wrap-up: iOS Meetup with Viper and Texture Framework

Can’t get enough of iOS? Yeah, neither can we. Back by popular demand, we held a second round of iOS meetups 2017 last week, hosting packed houses once again in Prague and Brno. The lineup this time included Viper, Texture Framework and Snapshot Testing.

Martin Pucik and Lukas Tesar got the party started with a presentation they playfully dubbed “Viper in the Wild.”

iOS developer meetup at STRV

“We wanted to share what we learned while developing one of our iOS projects using Viper architecture. This project seemed to be a great opportunity to gain real world experience with this great, but thanks to its added complexity, not-so-much-used architecture,” explained Martin.

“It greatly helped us to define project structure, rules and conventions and made testing on iOS a breeze,” Lukas added.

Jakub Kaspar jumped on stage next to talk about how STRV Texture(d) the ClassDojo app, a leading messaging platform for teachers, students and parents in the US.

iOS developer meetup at STRV

“Working on ClassDojo, we use a lot of interesting frameworks, technologies and have experience with quite a huge user base. A few months ago, we implemented the Texture (formally AsyncDisplayKit) framework from Facebook and the Pinterest guys to improve performance on feeds and other parts of the app. Texture is an amazing framework that works on background threads and renders UI differently than Auto Layout,” Jakub said.

“I am happy when I can show some parts of the amazing work we do here and teach other guys new cool stuff,” Jakub added. “It is unlikely that you will be able to look under the development process lid of such a huge app like ClassDojo.”

Jindra Dolezy followed with Snapshot Testing.

iOS developer meetup at STRV

“I think this is a very powerful way to test views by taking screenshots and comparing them to some reference images taken earlier. It also helps a developer to see some hard-to-reach states of the app,” jindra said. “The library we are using (FBSnapshotTestCase) is very easy to set up and can handle most of the things you would need right out of the box.”

Missed out? Here’s the videos from the Prague meetup:

We also took a ton of pictures! Make sure to tag yourself in the gallery from Brno and from Prague.

iOS developer meetup at STRV

We will now take a little break with meetups, but we are planning many other events - like the Dribbble Meetup, WWDC livestream, Developer Beers and more. For more details follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter