Wrap-up: iOS Developer Meetup

We held our first Developer Meetup at our brand-spanking new Karlin offices last week!!!! In addition to a stellar performance by our iOS team, we also highlighted useful tips and tricks for nailing the App Store Optimization process.

Kuba Vodak talking about app called SpoonRocket

Jakub Vodak got the party started by sharing what he learned from working on his own app. He pointed out a few things to be aware of and mistakes to avoid if you want your app to be successful. Allan Barbato followed with a presentation on Swift Architecture. He talked about the differences between implementing the classic MVC and MVVM and Viper. After a short break, Michaela Szilvasova talked about App Store Optimization. We closed with a hands-on Testing workshop and live coding with Jakub Kaspar.

If you missed the event, and you'd like to know what was going on, you can check out our gallery on Facebook with pictures from Prague and Brno. If you’d like to relive the meetup, we have some good news! We recorded our Prague meetup. Feel free to hit replay as many times as you’d like!

Here are links to each of our presentations:

We are already working on our next meetup, which will focus on Web for backend and frontend engineers. As always, we will hold one meetup in Brno on June 28, followed by a second one in Prague on June 29. Register now!

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