Wrap-up: Developer Meetup on React.js

For our latest meetup focused on React.js we changed up the format a little and partnered with our friends at ProductBoard on the content side.

Our backend programmer Salvatore Mazzarino kicked off the event with a presentation focused on server-side rendering and deployment strategies. He was followed by Dan Hejl, the CTO of ProductBoard, who presented neat tips and tricks on how to work with Webpack and React.router. Daniel Kijkov, a frontend engineer from STRV, closed the event with a coding session, using Star Wars as an example! And as always, beers and food followed along with networking at our offices. It was really great having you guys, and we hope you enjoyed every bit of the event!

devleoper meetup on react.js in strv event space

If you want to get a taste of what it was like, you can check out the galleries on Facebook from Prague and Brno. You can also check out videos from each of the presentations below. We recorded our Prague meetup so that you wouldn't miss anything, especially if you couldn't be with us.

Our speakers also shared their presentations with you, which are available here:

We are slowing down a little, because, you know, vacation, sun and all that stuff, but that doesn't mean there won't be any more events! If you're interested in design, we have a Designer Meetup coming up on July 21. And for coders, we are planning to throw another beer-themed event focused on Node.js - on July 27 from 7 pm at our very own Scrollbar. Register now!

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Thank you, enjoy the sun (or your vacation, if you're taking one) and see you at one of our next events!