Wrap-up: Developer Meetup - How we approach Backend at STRV

Another meetup is behind us and once again, it was awesome! This time we decided to give you a unique sneak peak into how we work and so the topic of our April event, in both Prague and Brno, was “How we approach Backend at STRV”. Four of our developers sat down and put together presentations including API Design, Continuous Integration, Firebase Queue and JavaScript's ES6 and ES7 and shared what they we've learned and used in their daily work on client apps.

Meetup in Prague

If you want to get a taste of what it was like, you can check out the gallery on Facebook from Prague and Brno. You can also check out videos from each of the presentations below. We recorded our Prague meetup so that you wouldn't miss anything, especially if you couldn't be with us.

Our speakers also shared their presentations with you, which are available here:

ES6 & ES7 - Milan Manasievski

Firebase Queue - Martin Šťáva

Continuous Integration - Robert Rossmann

API Design - Michal Klačko

We are not wasting any time. Our next meet up will be next week and as always, will take place in both cities - Prague and Brno. come and listen to four of our top developers talk (not just) about React. Follow us on Facebook and check out our Eventbrite page so you don't miss any of our upcoming events!

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