Wrap-up: Dev Meetup with SOLID principles and Android Wear 2.0

We took on SOLID principles and Android Wear 2.0 at last week’s Dev Meetups in Brno and Prague. As always, our Android team had a lot of tips and tricks to share. If you missed out, you can find the video links below.

Lukas talking at the android meetup

Lukas Hermann was up first, talking about optimization. He went over how you can speed up an app by picking the correct layout or using vector images instead of raster ones. He also discussed how to make APK output smaller, so it takes less megabytes.

“I also mentioned how to make your build faster and ran through a few more tips like how to change logcat colors, split resources and keep your code clean,” Lukas said. “I was excited that the people who came were so enthusiastic. A lot of them swapped tips with me during the after parties.”

Tamas talking at the android meetup

Tamas Losonczi followed with a presentation on the joys of SOLID principles, which help developers leverage the capabilities of an object-oriented programming language.

“Apply these principles correctly, and you’ll end up with a system that is able to respond to requirement changes in a timely manner, without introducing new bugs,” said Tamas. “There are tons of articles and blogs about design patterns or software architectures, but they usually don’t discuss the ‘why,’ and they never talk about the natural evolution of code — which should be kept in mind when you apply these principles.”

Ondra talking at the android meetup

The last presentation of the evening focused on the latest Android Wear 2.0 news. Ondrej Komarek showed how to add complications to the watch face and discussed ways to make your current Android Wear app compatible with the latest version. He pointed out that the Android Wear OS is slowly becoming a standalone system and not just a phone companion as it was before.

“There are not so many Android Wear developers, but hopefully there will be some more in the future,” Ondrej said, adding that a lot of smartwatch devotees attended the Meetups. “I met a guy who is working in the home automation field; another was doing indoor navigation. I had few nice discussions about future of IoT, too.”

Want to review our crew’s slide presentations? Here you go:

And here’s the videos from the Prague Meetup:

We also took a ton of pictures! Make sure to tag yourself in the gallery from Brno here and from Prague here.

Looking forward to our next Meetup? So are we! We will be tackling best practices for logging with Node.js on March 28 in Brno and on March 30 in Prague. Our Backend Meetup will also feature a presentation on AWS Lambda. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter for more details!

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