Wrap-up: Apple TV, Android TV & Chromecast Hackathon in Prague

Our first Smart TV Hackathon in Brno was such a hit that we decided to double down in Prague! We can assure you that this encore performance, held on April 9 at STRV’s Slovansky dum office, was just as awesome as the first round in Brno last month. Nine teams, consisting of two to four members, competed for a chance to win an Apple TV or Nvidia Shield.

All three platforms — Apple TV, Android TV and Chromecast — were equally represented with three teams working on each one of them. Teams were given their own device to work and test their apps on before final presentations. As always, STRV mentors were available throughout the day to help out and give advice or feedback to our hackers. Some even joined a team and coded with the participants.

The jury arrived in the afternoon just in time to talk to all the teams and find out a little bit more about each of the projects. Our guest jurors included Andrej Kiska from Credo Ventures, Michal Ptacek from Czech Crunch and Ondrej Kratky with Juraj Atlas from Liftago. It was a pleasure watching them “work”; they had some really good questions for our contestants!

Even though all projects were interesting and every team deserved recognition for their work, there can (sadly) be only one winner. It was a hard choice, but in the end, the jury handed down its final verdict.

First place went to the Borci z FITu team — Jan Staněk, Lukáš Kratochvíl, Dan Pína and Samuel Šušla — which created a multiplayer snake game (yes, Snake, that game you used to play on your old Nokia looong before the iPhone was born) with obstacles, hidden bonuses and a very simple yet entertaining control system.

Second place went to an app we can really see ourselves using — Infifity is a fitness app for your TV! The team, consisting of Matouš Skála, Lea Petrášová and Martin Mazanec, put together a very simple and beautiful tool for everyone who wants to stay fit and work out at home (or at work, school… or anywhere with a TV set). Just choose the tool you want to work out with, select the length of the whole exercise and go! Simple, yet so effective!

Third place went to STRV’s Matheo Fiebiger, Luca D'Alberti and Allan Barbato who created a “Pictionary for TV” game where one person sees the word, another has to draw it and whoever guesses the answer correctly just needs to scream it out loud — the voice recognition system will then work its magic.

Following the awards ceremony, which was attended by our CEO David Semerad who connected all the way from L.A. via STRV's motorized Double bot, which he drove around the office congratulating participants, we had dinner and a little after-party to celebrate a very successful and fun Saturday. Thank you for coming, and we hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events!