Uber as a global 'friendship factory'. STRV presents its vision for Uber Social

Uber as a friendship factory? Yes! A month after Uber and Spotify announced they were partnering up, a new idea has surfaced that will make Uber even cooler than it already is. We would like to introduce Uber Social.


The start of a potential new friendship begins the second you choose one of Uber’s services. With the help of social media, Uber Social’s algorithm will choose a carpool that best fits your personality, pairing you with people who, for example, like the same pages on Facebook and enjoy listening to the same music you like on Spotify.

“This is a little ironic: We were in the middle of shooting our Uber Social campaign when we found out that Uber is teaming up with Spotify. The announcement was perfect. We quickly realized we had a great idea on our hands,” said David Semerad, Co-Founder and CEO of STRV.

Uber Social by STRV on Behance.net

After Uber Social find your perfect carpool match, tap OK and wait for your driver. You’ll be paired with a guy or gal who shares similar interests, making the trip to your final destination fun and fast. If it’s a perfect match, you can agree to meet your Uber-mate again. Whatever happens next is entirely up to you.


Uber Social by STRV on Behance.net

Ales Nesetril, designer’s word:

The Uber app is already pretty well-designed. STRV has just made a few tweaks and expanded its “Social” features, allowing you to browse mutual interests, see matches from your past rides and chat with your previous Uber-mates. We wanted to keep the app design style and user flow in its original form but offer additional features that might be more interesting for users.


STRV Co-Founder & CEO David Semerad about the Uber Social idea:

I use Uber Pool a couple of times a day, and I’ve met many very interesting people. Unfortunately, there isn’t much time during the rides to get to know my fellow poolers very well. My schedule is super busy, and I don’t have a lot of time to meet new people. Accelerating the friendship process by showing Uber users a potential carpooler’s background and mutual interests ahead of time was something that hit me as a great idea.

The ability to chat after the ride would also be a great enhancement, allowing me to stay in touch with the people I meet. At STRV, we work with the top startups and brands in the U.S. and Europe. One of our missions is to go beyond what our clients tell us to do, to think deeper about their brand, their customer and how to maximize their market value and opportunity. Uber Social is one of many innovations we will create to help great companies like Uber keep on the edge of innovative user experiences.



Idea & Direction
David Semerad

User Interface Design
Aleš Nešetřil
Michael Dolejš
Juan Herrera

Video & Animation
Pavel Zeifart
Aleš Nešetřil

Lubo Smid (Driver)
Jiri Jaros (Handsome guy)
Katka (Beautiful girl)