Tiny app which saves you stress: Metrobot for Android and Android Wear

“I’m in Prague. I need to reach the other side of the river, and the metro is the fastest way. As I head to the nearest station, I roll up my sleeve and start tapping my watch – tap, scroll, tap – using an app called Metrobot. Great. The train is in the station now, which means I am too late. But wait  – swipe down – the next train will be here in 5 minutes. Awesome. I calm down and enjoy the escalator ride. I’m on time.”

We like simple apps. This is why we are working on Metrobot. Its second version is in stores now and is finally available for Android. This is a great opportunity to test Android Wear.

Metrobot, our side project, was inspired by our daily struggles on Prague’s maze-like metro system.

Metrobot on Moto 360

After setting up Metrobot, use its GPS feature to find the nearest metro station and find out when the next train arrives. Swipe up and down to find out when the next train is approaching the station. This app is example of maximum minimalism (except Yo). In our eyes, this app is really like normal watches.

“Moto 360 is a nice gadget, a really nice piece of technology. It has some ‘Android-bugs’, but it’s absolutely beautiful,” says Leoš Dostál, an Android developer at STRV. “The development for Moto 360 is a bit different because of its round display. But the design of Metrobot is ideal for them, and it looks so great.”

Jakub Vodák first visited the STRV office two years ago, looking for a topic for his diploma thesis. It was around the same time that Adam Vajdak came up with the idea of a simple city transport app. Adam’s idea, Jakub’s coding skills and STRV creative director Pavel Zeifart’s creativity were put together, and Metrobot was born.

“It is a tiny nice app, which saves you lot of time and stress. This is why we are still working on it and won’t leave it to collect the dust in The App Store,” says Jakub Vodák, an iOS developer at STRV.

The new version of Metrobot has even less functions than the first version. This is why it was an ideal candidate for the Android Wear test. The app has widget for Moto 360, Asus Zen Watch and other wearables. Metrobot for Android is also one of the very first apps that STRV developed for Android Wear to explore the posibilities of that platform.

Metrobot for iOS and Android!

Jakub Vodák, iOS developer
Leoš Dostál, Android developer¨
Pavel Zeifart, UX designer
Adam Vajdák, Author of the idea