STRV Talks: Pavel and his sandwich

We’re here with our new column called STRV Talks. We’re going to introduce you to our team and our culture. The first person we will chat with is promised Pavel Zeifart, the guy behind Ordr’s design and one of the Co-Founders of STRV.

Pavel Zeifart

What is your name, and where are you from?

Pavel Zeifart. I’m from Dvur Kralove, Czech Republic.
What is your role at STRV?

Well, formally I have a responsibility of Creative Director, but because we don’t have any executive positions and company hierarchy, I’m UX & UI Designer. Same as the other design guys.

What do you really appreciate about working at STRV?

The focus on delivery. We all have a great commitment to our work and we are all product driven. We also reduced all delays related to project management by connecting clients directly with our developers and designers.

I think our company culture is something that is unique. You know all the agencies and dev shops are now saying the same things like “No boss, no working ours, be yourself, bla, bla…”. I’m not sure if that works in other companies but in STRV that free spirit thing is actually real.

I love what I do. I wrote this interview in the morning, because my laptop is the first thing I check when I wake up.

Do you remember your first day at STRV (formerly uLikeIT)?

Yep, sure I remember that. My first day was in the middle of summer 2011. I showed up at our old office on Wenceslas Square in a shirt that didn’t fit right and a tie. I was a rookie from little city who wasn’t used to being in Prague, and suddenly I worked in its center. Everything was fast, new and strange.

Do you have any side projects that would impress us?

I do most of my “side” projects with STRV teammates, which means they aren’t “side”. The guys are great at thinking outside of the box that I don’t need to look for anyone else to work with. We have launched Lavendr, a gay dating app, a food delivery service called and a company communication tool named Posli.

Pavel eats sandwich