STRV Talks: Jakub Moves to Ordr Full Time

A week ago, you read about Ordr, our fast-growing food delivery service which has the fastest delivery times in Prague. The service also widened its delivery area and got a bunch of new cargo bikes. Ordr is now becoming a standalone company, and Jakub Plas is transitioning STRV after two very successful years to become its full-time CEO. We talked about his new job and his time at STRV.

Jakub at Google

What is your name, and where are you from?

Jakub Plas, I’m from Hradec Kralove.

Your hashtags?

#running #basketball #ordr #life

I heard you are becoming the CEO of Ordr. What do you think about it?

Yes, that’s right. Ordr is a project that’s close to my heart, and I am really happy that it’s successful. People are amazed how fast it is, and they love it. This change is just a result of a good job. My two years at STRV were absolutely great but as Ordr grew very quickly into a very important player in the Prague food delivery market, it’s time for me to become a full-time CEO and take the company to the next level.

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How was working at STRV? What did you do? What did you like about it?

I started with managing app development two years ago. I worked with developers and designers, managed processes and took care of clients. I was the Area Manager which included project and product management. There is a very flat company structure at STRV, and there was a wide range of tasks. It was a great experience and big challenge.

Back to Ordr. What is happening now? Tell us about the changes.

Well, we realized Ordr couldn’t be driven as a side project. The first few weeks and months, yes, but our delivery area is four times bigger then when we started. We have many new customers every day, which means we have to cook more meals. We have new employees at customer care and more messengers. It’s getting bigger every day. We deliver thousands of meals each month. Long story short, it is too successful.

You talked about advantages. What will be different? 

I will be focusing all my attention on Ordr now. My new office is next to the Ordr kitchen, and I can manage the quality of the food every morning and speak with the chef. I will have time to think about new locations and prepare new services for the coming quarters.

New services? What could change on service as simple as Ordr?

Exactly. Nothing will change about its simplicity, but we are preparing to launch an afternoon delivery, and we also want to delivery to new areas around the city. We need to connect the area behind the river with Prague’s center. Also, we want to heavily invest in the food quality and bring on celebrity chefs to put together new tasty menus. 

Jakub in San Francisco