STRV joins Eric Ries’ Mobile Startup Pack along with Slack and MailChimp

STRV is a proud partner of the Mobile Startup Pack, a dynamic group of cutting-edge companies that have come together to help fuel the dreams of promising young startups.


With a shared belief that lack of funds should never hold back great ideas, each of the Pack’s 13 members have agreed to offer their services and tech know-how to qualifying startups at a discount -- or even free of charge as STRV is doing.

“I know what it feels like to be starting out. There are a lot of amazing startups out there that just need a break. We’d like to encourage them and take away some of the overhead costs associated with taking their product to market,” says David Semerad, STRV’s CEO. “This is our way of giving back to the community.” STRV is offering 10 hours of free design work.

Mobile Startup Pack is the brainchild of Eric Ries. The author of “The Lean Startup” pulled together some of the hottest brands on the market today -- which in addition to STRV also includes the go-to business communication tool Slack and email campaign platform MailChimp -- to jump-start an initiative he hopes will benefit hundreds (if not thousands) of innovative startups around the world.


Pack members will be offering a combined total of $11,000 worth of services.

Just imagine how $11K could help your startup.