STRV 101: Our Developers Hit The Lecture Circuit

Our engineers have taken their know-how into the classroom.

Over the last couple of weeks, several STRV iOS and Android engineers have been guest lecturers at top-notch universities and high schools around the Czech Republic.


Last week, our chief technical officer, Martin Stava, was invited to give a lecture to a class of advanced iOS engineers on the ins and outs of the Apple WatchKit at Czech Technical University in Prague, while Petr Nohejl and Daniel Ondruj headed to Brno’s Masaryk University at the end of last month. Daniel talked about what it’s like to work at STRV before leading as discussion about the Apple Watch and Swift, while Petr supplied students with practical tips and best practices for Android development, as well as common mistakes.

“I really enjoyed taking the students through each step of the mobile app experience. It was fun, and it was a really great way to give back to the IT community,” Petr said.


One of our newest Android developers, Martin Barton organized a seminar at his old computer science high school in Roznov pod Radhostem earlier this month.

“My Android career started right here, so choosing a place for my first seminar was really easy,” Martin said. “My goal was to show students, that creating an Android application isn't as hard as they might think. We spent the last two hours of the seminar programming. Students asked a lot of really insightful questions.”

Vojta Stavik, one of our lead iOS developers, meanwhile, is a keynote speaker at this year’s iCON conference. He will be speaking about programming for the Apple Watch on April 24 at the Czech National Library of Technology.


“The whole festival is great for all geeks. You can learn a lot of stuff and meet new and interesting people. You will also be able to try out the Apple Watch in person,” said Vojta, who will be one of the mentors at STRV’s upcoming Apple Watch Hackathon on May 9.

A group of STRV Android developers take part in a programming workshop in Brno next month. The event is being hosted by Czechitas, a group that champions female developers. The free workshop will take place May 2 and 3 and continue on June 6 and 7.