Silicon Valley Insights with Facebook's Martin Konicek

Martin Konicek, a software developer from Facebook, gave us a look into what it’s like working at one of the most influential companies in the world and how he landed there.

Martin was our most recent Silicon Valley Insights guest speaker. He sat down with STRV COO Lubo Smid on October 19 to discuss day-to-day life at the social networking giant’s London office. Facebook's revolutionary React Native framework has recently altered the landscape of the global IT development industry.

Martin Konicek and Lubo Smid at the after party
Martin Konicek and Lubo Smid at the after party

Martin joined the company just two years after getting his master's degree in software engineering at Charles University and is now one of the core members of Facebook's React Native team.

“Day-to-day life at Facebook can be very challenging – but I like the culture. Basically, you are always sure that whatever team you join you will learn a lot,” Martin explained. “You are expected to learn any programming language that is needed. I use mostly JavaScript and Java. I am starting to like JavaScript [the basis of the React framework] more and more.”

After a friend recommended he give Facebook a shot, Martin went through the company’s lengthy interview process and ended up with an offer. He decided to take the job, because “I felt like I could move within teams at Facebook more freely. A lot of the engineers I work with are really brilliant.”

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STRV’s regular Silicon Valley Insights series brings together leaders from the global tech community to share knowledge and experiences. Next month we will be bringing Jan Spidlen from Dropbox to Prague. We will be releasing more details about that upcoming event on Facebook and Twitter soon. Stay tuned!