Silicon Valley Insights with Adobe’s Tom Krcha

In what proved to be our fastest-selling talk of the year, we ended Silicon Valley Insights’ 2015 run with Tom Krcha who recounted how his job as a senior product manager at Adobe took him from Prague to San Francisco. The fireside chat between Tom and STRV CEO David Semerad on December 7 packed a screening hall at Cinema City Slovansky dum.

Sold out screening hall at Cinema City

Initially hired as an evangelist for the U.S. software giant, Tom is now helming Adobe’s Project Comet, a new UI/UX tool that will streamline the way websites and mobile apps are designed and developed.

“I wanted to build a project that met my needs,” Tom said, explaining how his brainstorming eventually turned into a viable project. “My vision was pretty in line with what we are building.” Comet is set to hit the market next year.

“I have had a long relationship with Adobe. I first opened Photoshop when I was 7,” said Tom, noting that the way he landed a job at the company was a case of being in the right place at the right time - and a lot of networking.

“I think it’s about knowing what you want to do and then finding the people who will support you,” he said. “I wanted to learn from my heros.”

Tom led a design workshop two days earlier at STRV’s Prague development office, where he walked participants through Project Comet’s key features. He also moderated a smaller discussion on the topic at the party following his Silicon Valley Insights’ talk.

“Project Comet is laser focused on product design of user interfaces and user experiences, from designing and prototyping to sharing and export for production,” Tom explained. “You can do high–fidelity design as well as tell the story of your app or a website by connecting the screens in the flow and building an interactive prototype.”

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