Silicon Valley Insights presents Jan Spidlen from Dropbox

Our next Silicon Valley Insights event is just around the corner. Jan Spidlen, a software engineer from Dropbox, will be sitting down with STRV COO Lubo Smid on November 12 at Cinema City Slovansky dum to talk about the San Francisco Bay Area's tech scene. Before joining Dropbox earlier this year, Jan previously worked for Google and NVIDIA.

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Silicon Valley Insights presents Jan Spidlen from Dropbox

Can't wait to hear what Jan has to say? We asked him a few questions to whet your appetite:

How often do you come back to the Czech Republic?

Usually once or twice a year. Last time it was spring 2015. I had a blast. Prague is definitely one of the best cities in the world, and I love coming back here.

Why do you think you have succeeded on the US market?

First off, I am not sure if I have succeeded (at least not yet). People define success in different terms, and I don't think that right now I am in a position to call myself successful. I think that I am on the right path but the path is long (this is probably for a longer discussion:)).

Anyways, I think that one of the most important things that got me where I am now is a lot of hard work – always doing extra, overachieving and pushing myself to the limits. On top of that, I was given great opportunities to study at great technical schools such as Czech Technical University in Prague and Georgia Institute of Technology, which definitely helped a lot.

Last but not least, there was some amount of luck involved as well (there always is).

What are the other technology companies are iconic in your opinion?

There is a bunch of great tech companies. From the old-timers, I am going to nominate Abode, as they once had top-level software for digital content editing – there was nothing like it (I am not sure what's the situation now). From the new ones, I select Tesla. Tesla is combining great technological advancements and disrupting the car manufacturing sector, which seems extremely difficult and challenging to me.