Inside Look of the Apple App Store

STRV invites you to have an “Inside Look of the Apple App Store”

In what promises to be the first of many such events, STRV will host a special networking event on February 12 that will give attendees an inside look at Apple’s App Store. Matt Monday, one of STRV’s earliest advisers, has been invited to talk about his time as editor of the App Store and the process that goes into choosing which apps get featured.

“We went from a process of using pencil and paper to keep track of apps to a global system set up to automatically monitor all apps in the App Store,” Matt tells us. “I will share an insider’s view of what that was like and what has changed since I left Apple.”

Matt was brought aboard in 2012 to help STRV better market The Game, our successful multifaceted dating app that was recently acquired by Spark Networks. He specifically helped us out with the app’s competitive analysis and rocking user experience design.

The US mobile app market is crowded and extremely competitive these days, “so you need a competitive advantage – on top of being a very competitive and driven company naturally,” Matt says. “The great thing is that if you can break through, there is immense opportunity, as industry after industry is making the shift to mobile.”

Geared toward iOS developers and designers, STRV’s “Inside Look of the Apple App Store” is set to start at 5:30pm at Cinema City - Slovanský dům just off Wenceslas Square. Matt is scheduled to talk at 6:30pm. Admission is free, but those interested in attending are kindly asked to RSVP, as we want to make sure we don’t run out of pizza and beer! The after-party will start at 7:15pm at our new office, Slovansky dum - building E, 4th floor.

In addition to Matt Monday, several other of STRV’s top advisers from the US will also be on hand, including David Calabrese, CEO at HealthyCheats, Vik Kathuria, CMO at Razorfish, and Chris Hogan, the former Global Sales Director at Expedia.

Hope to see you there! The evening is going to be awesome!