How Magic Helps Us Design the Internet of Things

Designing for the new world of smart, connected devices — the “Internet of Things” — is hard. The hard part is the hardware. It is challenging to build and deliver working hardware products. Most of the effort is spent on engineering features.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Arthur C.

Allan Cooper compared software development 10 years ago to dancing bears. He pointed out that it is not the bear who is an amazing dancer; the amazing thing is that bear dances at all. I feel like this is the point where many products connected to the Internet of Things are right now. People are amazed that things are connected to the Internet, yet the actual end benefit is missing.

I love combining different media formats because its kind of breaking my case study into blocks. I can be more creative with the layout, guide audience through the process and highlight the most important parts that I think could be inspiring for the others.

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