Geekatoo's Success

US startup and STRV’s client Geekatoo raised $1.7 million from various investors, including 500 Startups. Congratulations! This is a great milestone, and we are glad to be working with such a driven and amazing team.


It all started when STRV was introduced to Geekatoo, a fast-growing onsite tech support company, by Tomáš Laboutka, the CEO of Hotel Quickly, in 2012. A one year later, after Geekatoo had gotten involved with 500 Startups, Christian Shelton, Geekatoo’s Co-founder,  contacted STRV to talk about a mobile development partnership. We developed an iPhone app for them, and now we are working on an Android app. 

Geekatoo has an interesting focus. It’s going to go far – just look at the amount of seed money it’s collected so far: $1.7 million is one of the highest amounts raised by a single company participating in 500 Startups. Investors (500 Startups included) trust that Geekatoo going places and see a great opportunity.

![Pavel Zeifart and Jakub Vodak](/content/images/2015/04/vodakzeifart1.jpg)
iOS Developer Jakub Vodák and Creative Director Pavel Zeifart

Geek Squad, Geekatoo’s main competitor, was recently bought by BestBuy. So, in regards to innovation, we bet their hands are tied. It’s only a matter of time before Geekatoo overtakes Geek Squad on the market.

Good luck!