Fall Camp SF 2014

STRV is going big! We are sending 10 guys to San Francisco this week. They will join Co-Founders David Semerad and Lubo Smid at NextSpace. They will meet our clients and visit famous accelerators and of course do a little sightseeing. 

I asked them about what they are most looking forward to:

Jan Ther: Startup fever! And also Viva Las Vegas and Calvin Harris Live. That should be the best.

Daniel Kraus: Spending time with my teammates. We are a great bunch of people. And exploring the city, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz…everything.

Jakub Vodak: The most interesting thing for me will be meeting our clients who I work with. It will also be great to work in a different city, different country. It will boost my motivation and work!

Petr Nohejl: I am excited to see a country which I’ve never been to before. And I expect to see some great US nature.

Martin Pirkl: I am looking forward to having closer contact with the San Francisco scene and meeting with clients and startups. That will be awesome.

Vladoun Musial: Definitely meeting the clients behind the project I work on.

Vojtech Stavik: I just want to see David Semerad. :D

You can read updates from our Fall Camp here on our blog. Actual news and photos will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
All our guys also have Instagram and will share their visual experiences there.

Stay tuned and follow us, dudes!