Fall Camp SF 2014: Twin Peaks View For Breakfast

Our guys survived the long (long!) flight from Prague to California. They spent their first few days checking out STRV’s San Francisco headquarters and the stunning views from the city’s Twin Peaks (photos below). They also did a drive-by of the Santa Clara visit Eric Schmidt’s #HowGoogleWorks. This weekend was spent relaxing with STRV client David Calabrese, grilling on the BBQ and a couple of early morning runs around the steep hills of San Francisco.

Meeting at Vista Point
Twin Peaks, San Francisco, California

I called Jakub Plas and Jakub Vodak to get the lowdown on one of the coolest cities in the world. They were more than impressed. They are both sports fans and great runners. Jakub Plas is also an avid basketball player, so catching a live match is in the works:


How was your flight?

Jakub Plas: It was OK. I was in Asia last year, and the flights were twice as long. But maybe my tolerance level is higher than than the others :D

Jakub Vodák: I’ve been in the US once before, so I knew the flight would be long. On the other hand, none of guys seemed to care about the flight’s duration. Everybody was just super excited to get to San Francisco.

What’s up for the next days?

Jakub Plas: Jakub and I will rent a car and head up to Sacramento. We want to watch a basketball match between the Toronto Raptors and the Sacramento Kings. I also want to play some basketball while I am here, buy some goodies and see as much as San Francisco as possible.

Jakub Vodák: Yeah, we are heading to Sacramento. I’m a big sports fan and have always wanted to see a live match. I am also planning to enjoy a few lengthy runs around SF. I’m sure Lubo and David have many events planned for us, too. So I’ll see what’s next.

Fall Camp Crew at the airport, Prague

Oslo here!

Fall Camp Crew on their way to Santa Clara


Checking out STRV’s San Francisco headquarters 

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