Fall Camp SF 2014: Rendezvous At Vista Point & Meeting Clients

Our guys have had a busy couple of days: They spent a lot of time at STRV’s San Francisco headquarters at NextSpace on Union Square and they got a chance to meet with a couple of our clients.

Nextspace office

As you can see from the pictures, they also got close up and personal with the Golden Gate Bridge, taking a bunch of unforgettable snapshots from Vista Point. Vojtech told me that this was the one of his favorite days, just chilling out with his crew and taking in the view. Jakub Vodak and Jakub Plas cruised up to Sacramento to watch an NBA match. I will post cool photos of them posing with the Ford Mustang they rented for the day on our Facebook page. However, I asked three guys about work…


Why is it important for developers and designers to meet with clients face-to-face?

Vojtech Stavik: Maybe because then they will know you are real? .)

We know each other mostly through Skype or e-mail, and it is great to finally get a chance to meet them. It is more like we are friends who share similar hobbies and want to work together to problem solve. It’s interesting.

Jakub Vodak: It is very motivating. I like communicating by Skype or e-mail, because it saves time, but it is great to meet your clients in person and see their satisfaction and enthusiasm for the project you are working on together.

The work atmosphere is great here. No corporate things. Just pure startup workflow and focus on the product. Yes, focus on product is the most interesting and important thing about a work here. However I think we are on the good level in STRV too.

Daniel Kraus: If you want to know why it’s important to meet clients in person, the answer is easy: They are happy to see us, and we are happy to work with them. The atmosphere here in San Francisco is so great. I am also enjoying checking out all that this city has to offer. I have to thank Lubo and David for putting together such an amazing trip!

Lubo Smid, Daniel Kraus, Vojta Stavik at Golden Gate

Lubo, Daniel and Vojta above Golden Gate Bridge

STRV Crew at Golden Gate

David is showing which part of bridge he designed.



Jakub Vodak, Jakub Plas

Great time in San Fracisco. No commnents needed.

More photos on our Facebook