Designers' Weekly Digest 03

Howdy! We're back with your favorite (mostly) design-related roundup by the girls and boys from the STRV design team. In this issue you'll find the latest Sketch version, thoughts on the look of Vice's new entertainment network and a little something on those horrible doors we all have ran into.

Sketch 3.6.1

Some big news for all you digital designers! Sketch 3.6 (Ed: 3.6.1, actually!) was released and with it came numerous long-awaited fixes, specifically the inconsistent baseline issue that text layers used to be plagued with. Apart from this delightful and much needed update, some improvements in performance and SVG file handling have been implemented, among other under-the-hood tweaks. The general consensus at the STRV design bubble is that 3.6.1 is really, really sweet.

For more info on Sketch 3.6, do refer to this post on Medium.


Gretel NY unveils Viceland identity

Unstyled, unslick and unadorned is seemingly a good way to describe Vice's latest entertainment enterprise, a TV network focusing on global lifestyle and culture. New York agency Gretel worked on a deceivingly simple monochrome-heavy unbrand with a big focus on typography.

Filip Slovacek (Designer): As a huge fan of bold but simple design and Helvetica, this one is really pleasing to my eyes. And it's interesting how you can still achieve a remarkable look and brand applications with the same typography and colors thousands of other brands are using.

Slack introduces Video and Audio calls

Slack is catching up and added video and audio calls. What will this mean for Hangouts and Skype is yet to be seen, but so far we like it. The feature is still in beta.

Juan Herrera (Designer): Color me interested. I went through a quick test drive in the beta and thought it was probably a tiny bit too slow to connect, but generally the quality was solid. Keeping everything comm-related in the workspace to Slack is something I am dearly looking forward to.

10 Talks about Design

We went a little back in time and dug out this compilation of cool talks by the likes of Mike Monteiro, Jason Santa Maria and Frank Chimero. Good stuff for those lonely weekends!

Maggie Appleton (Illustrator): A pretty legit listicle. If you're part of the internet-design-tribe you've probably watched half of these before. But they're all worth a double take. Especially Mike Monteiro's ranting and Frank Chimero's articulate reflections. Throw some Sagmeister and Don Norman on this list, and it's complete!


A little something on horrible doors - Roman Mars and the Vox team up for a short feature on those doors we all have come across and passionately hated at some point.

What Dyslexia Feels Like - Pretty self-explanatory.

Presidential Posters - Demonstrate your support for your favorite candidate with these colorful, lovely posters!