Designers' Digest 24

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It’s October now. Have you been keeping track of Adobe XD’s development up to this point?

iphone lineup

Development has been steady but, admittedly, a bit slow. September’s release included features like real-time preview for Android and iOS devices through the official XD companion apps as well as fixes to the Scale function. There’s some new transitions and some under-the-hood updates. And, uh, yeah, so far, it's looking good. You can read more about XD in the official blog post here.

Have you used XD for any kind of production work so far?


Mike Campau’s CG art mimicking items from an almost bygone age

Have any of you, dear readers, ever come across these items in real life, while growing up? Mike Campau, by way of Modo and v-ray, creates these extremely realistic illustrations of very, very old-school items. Voltron and Thundercats lunchboxes? Garbage Pail Kids cards? A good ol’ Simon Says? These stills are all quite impressive.

Meetup got a facelift

Sagmeister & Walsh worked with Meetup on a bold, vibrant and colorful new look, following the concept of Meetup groups being like swarms –– as in, “doing things together with likeminded people.” The result is, well… something that really screams Sagmeister & Walsh. There’s another, separate article detailing the process behind the new apps, as well as S&M’s entry on its website.

Cameras, speakers, pixels

Kano was one of the first Kickstarter-powered efforts to bring coding and computer science to a wider audience – namely children. They’re back at it with a new crowdfunding campaign, with the aim to release three new modules: A pixel grid, a speaker and a camera. While these kits can be used separately, based on the trailers, it seems that the interplay between them is where Kano really shines: you can create a sports scoreboard, small video games, musical instruments and more. This looks neat.


These pins by Sagmeister & Walsh won’t save the world – …but all profits they make will go to Amnesty International, which is a pretty solid first step. And you can’t ever have enough enamel pins. Right?

When you need to set the mood for your board games session – …there’s Tabletop Audio. Choose from a bunch of different audio loops ranging from ambient sounds to subtle music tracks. The one thing you needed for enhancing your playing experience!

Watch illustrator extraordinaire Ryan Putnam make some icons using Figma – Just that.


Here is where we share what our team members have been exposing their eardrums to the most during the week. This week, Jakub Nespor shares his sound wave of preference.

“This was my boost song during the last few weeks of the STRV Academy. It kept me motivated and hyped so we wouldn't miss any deadlines. And fortunately we made it! I love that part when G-Eazy drops the first line. Bang! It’s not about the lyrics at all... I am not famous, I don’t buy Ferrari and I don't even wear Saint Lauren. But now, as I've joined STRV.. who knows! :D”