Designers' Digest 23

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Sketch 40 is out, coinciding with the release of macOS Sierra. Upgrades everywhere!

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Improvements to Sketch include better editing for vectors, a new text formatting option called Text Transform, improved undo and more. Text Transform basically means you can set any layer to upper or lowercase without altering the base text in any way. Regarding vectors — when editing a shape or path, Sketch displays where exactly a new point will be added based on cursor position. Finally, Bohemian also added two official plugins for optimizing Bitmaps and SVG files which you might want to take a look into.

But really, just check out their official blog post about it.


Designing for accessibility

As we posted before, someone working at/for the UK government has some lovely design chops. And they take accessibility very seriously. This link right here is a small repository of do’s and don’ts when designing for specific audiences. What if you’re designing for people with low vision? Or people on the autistic spectrum? You will probably realize that, really, a lot of these suggestions can work universally and help you deliver a better experience altogether.

Google wants to assist you on your trips

Trips is Google’s new home for all your trip-related things. Planning a holiday trip to Barcelona? This app will list all the reservations you’ve made – accommodation, plane tickets, etc. – as well as recommendations of things to do, offline maps, and more information that might be relevant for you.

Karma is Here

They’ve done it. After month of speculation, GoPro unveiled its drone, Karma, and set a release date of late October. Well, it does look pretty sweet.

Mechs vs. Minions is Riot Games’ first foray into tabletop gaming

Seeing as some of us on the team are into board games, and some of us are into League of Legends, this seemed relevant to share. This is a massive box. Boasting beautiful components, references to LoL lore and characters, and Legacy-influenced features that allow for an evolving experience throughout each playthrough, this will likely keep you entertained for a long time when it hits the Riot Games' Merch Store this October. Also… expect more board game links in the Digest!


This Framerjs-made VR resume – It turns out that Framer is so powerful that someone actually made their resume in there. For use on a VR set. can be your new source of disposable email addresses – exactly that!

Easy, fast unlocking for your Mac – MacID allows you to unlock your Mac just by tapping on your trackpad. And it also works with your Apple Watch.


Here is where we share what our team members have been exposing their eardrums to the most during the week. This week, Pavel Zeifart shares his sound wave of preference.

“Music is the biggest mood-setter for me. I love upbeat, I love downbeat… doesn’t matter if the music is positive, energetic or depressive. My favorite mood-setter is an electronic duo called Odesza. You definitely need to listen to ‘Bloom’. But today, I want to share with you my latest discovery – their remix of the song ‘We Belong’, originally performed by RAC & Katie Herzig. Enjoy!”