Designers' Digest 22

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How are you enjoying iOS 10?

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As you know, iMessage got a huge makeover.
Features like drawing or the stickers may seem like an odd choice coming from Apple, and definitely feel like a far cry from the elegant, serious image one might have had of the company at some point in days past. Still, other competitors like Line, Facebook Messenger or even Telegram have things like stickers as well, so it's only natural to see Apple embracing this. The Verge ran a small poll asking whether readers find them useful or annoying, and... the results are tied.

Of course not everything is about stickers. The apps are beginning to bloom. Airbnb and Swarm have already introduced their own iMessage versions, and there's a bunch of different things you can find right now: Sharing your ETA, destroying messages, obscuring private photos and more.

What do you think of this new iMessage direction?

Take a look at this Product Hunt list for more info.


The email game's premium future

As seen before in one of our previous posts, we’re very fond of email clients – and yes, we’re still waiting for a desktop version of Spark, just like we were 11 digests ago. But, in this day and age… is email clients that much of a niche field to release a product in? This article by Fast Company takes a peek at email clients like Newton (formerly known as Cloud Magic), the aforementioned Spark and Airmail: what are their plans for the future, the financial side of this industry and whether there is or not any room for innovation left to achieve.

How to rebrand a digital bank

UK-based online bank Monese recently launched its iOS app, along with a beautiful, updated look. Covering everything from user feedback, to color palettes, typography, and character design, this is a solid look into a pleasant brand identity that you won’t want to miss.

Starting a new venture? Stuck? Try Launchaco!

Launchaco attempts to relieve some of the biggest pains of starting a new venture. Find any kind of domain you might be interested in, social media handles and even some typography suggestions you can purchase when designing your logo. Seems like a pretty good starting point to us.


Some sweet spinners – Self-explanatory. Spin it!

Fashion meets stock images thanks to Adobe – You know those awkward stock images that everybody loves making fun of? Imagine if you could wear them.

Stop what you're doing! – Here are some animals without necks. Sorry.


Here is where we share what our team members have been exposing their eardrums to the most during the week. This week, Vojta Holik shares his sound wave of preference.

“I’ve always admired the UK underground music scene, and therefore I feel very sad about the closing of the Fabric club. It’s natural for me to associate music with places, and this track from Kryptic Minds brings back great memories. I really enjoy this kind of deep vibes, foggy atmosphere and incredible sampling. Bass on. :]”