Designers' Digest 21

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What can we say about Apple’s releases that hasn’t already been said up to this point?

iphone lineup

We don’t want to turn this into X company is better than Y company, so we’ll just share the product pages for those who haven’t seen them. They are quite a thing to behold. Stunning as usual!

And while the slow focus towards wireless has certainly sparked a lot of conversations, insightful articles and memes all over the Internet, we can’t do much apart from waiting to see how this pans out until the next generation of devices. So it goes.

Will you upgrade? Let us know!



Avast joins the password managing game

Avast, with its focus on security, has recently released a free password manager in the vein of 1Password. The app allows you to import your settings from other apps, and it’s also available on iOS and Android. Avast is seemingly planning to add some premium (paid) features in the future, so let’s see what they come up with!

A new Sketch beta looming in the distance

The beta for Sketch 40 is here! The first version after the pricing-scheme upgrade includes, on top of the under-the-hood improvements and fixes, something some of us had been waiting to see for a long time: Setting text as upper or lowercase as a non-destructive style. Really handy.


Harvard Art Museums' Bauhaus digital collection

Self-explanatory. Harvard Art Museums have made their respectable Bauhaus collection available for free online. Woodcuts, paintings, photographs, drawings, sketches… and so much more. This is gold.

Oh Dell

Oh. OH. Well, honestly, the Dell logo was never particularly… impressive or interesting. But now… wow. This Brand New article on it covers the whole thing really well, so check it out. We can sum up our reaction to that “logo construction” image this.


Apple Plugs – Naturally. You can upgrade your iPhone without actually buying the upcoming iPhone 7… add a Plug and get rid of that useless headphone jack. Just trust them.

The Fidget Cube! – A brilliant little toy for those of you into, uh, fidgeting. Clicks, spins, flips and switches built into a little cube you can take anywhere.

Amphetamine 3 – Remember Caffeine? Or its updated sibling, Keeping You Awake? Amphetamine is, as its name might imply, an extreme version of these apps that prevents your Mac from going to sleep. Adding further customization that goes from icons to shortcuts, different triggers (such as “when X app is open”) or notifications, this is definitely an upgrade worth looking into. And it’s free!


Here is where we share what our team members have been exposing their eardrums to the most during the week. This week, Tomas Matis shares his sound wave of preference.

“Sometimes, there's no need for lyrics, or a melody. For such moments, I like to deep dive straight into a different genre. Guy Brewer, a UK producer better known as Shifted, has this new repetition and noise-driven beautiful single that is raw and hard-hitting. Another piece to add to my 12" collection.”