Designers' Digest 17

red abstract banner

As we’re halfway through the Summer Olympics, we want to share this nifty feature AIGA published a few days ago. Now, the Rio 2016 logo was pretty much universally well-received since it was revealed in 2011, and its case study is something that’s always a pleasure to look at. But what came before it?

In AIGA’s feature, design legend Milton Glaser shares some insights and thoughts on every logo (Rio 2016 included) starting with Paris 1924. The evolution -- the good, the bad and the ugly -- of visual style and concepts is astonishing, as well as a visual treat.

And rather unsurprisingly, he really loves Tokyo ’64. As we all do.

Check it out here.


Notion screens

Notion hits 1.0 and makes us smile in the process

We’ve been toying around with Notion since its beta days, and we enjoy it quite a bit. Similar to Paper by Dropbox, it’s a document creator/collaborative tool that happens to be browser-based. Notion gives you the ability to set up diverse layouts via a drag-and-drop structure: to-do lists, wiki-style pages, notes… anything goes, really. And it’s all so very very smooth.

Movie recommendations don't get any better than this is a movie-recommendation platform that follows a simple approach: Your movie taste profile evolves based on how you rate different movies, from “awful” to “amazing”. After this, you’ll get suggestions that are scarily relevant to your taste. If you love cinema, you really can’t miss this.

Hai gradient

Gradients on board!

One of Adobe’s internal teams, Adobe Experience Design (not to be confused with Adobe Experience Design CC) recently showed off this facelift and renamed to “Adobe Design”, presumably to clear some of that confusion. Frankly, we are still not quite sure about what this team actually is, but the case study is thorough and definitely worth studying. Ignore the angry kids shouting at Adobe for “not focusing on their apps” and look at this instead.

Subway and... nostalgia?

Beloved fast-food company Subway recently came out with a new update to their logo, that feels like a shout-out to one of its previous logos, and that's probably very intentional, considering the scandals and controversies the company was involved in the last few years. It mostly looks like a less playful version of the logo it had up to 2002, albeit with a more vibrant colors, and a really nice, clever symbol. Will this be truly a return to the olden days, when everything was better?


DANGER ZONE! – You probably didn’t know how much you needed to see Star Wars footage set to Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone. Top Gun in space?

This audio experiment – OAM! We like music experiments. This one includes basic shapes and a pretty color palette.

The Crystal Pepsi trail – Don’t let your Tamagotchi die of dysentery in this Pepsi/90s-themed version of The Oregon Trail. Hilarious.


Here is where we share what our team members have been exposing their eardrums to the most during the week. This week, Katka Potuzakova shares her sound wave of preference.

"Being a designer is not always easy. Sometimes, when days get too stressful, I daydream about the times where mobile phones were barely utopia, people used to telegram messages, and electricity wasn't a necessity to survive. This piece for brass is so feathery and cheerful that my mood and spirits are immediately lifted after those first notes!"