Designers' Digest 15

Saying “Google is at it again” is kind of an understatement since it’s safe to say that the kids over there are always up to something. Project Bloks is a set of tools purposed to help in the development of computational skills for children. Naturally, a better approach than making them face a text editor for a few hours is to let them do something they’re pretty good at: building stuff!

Bloks, as its name might indicate, works by stacking different blocks, buttons and other boards to achieve diverse functions. The website lists things such as musical instruments and toy controllers among the kinds of devices possible to build, which sounds pretty impressive by itself. And of course, what attracted us the most to this was the presentation. Look at those videos. Beautiful.

Check it out here.


Are you looking for a new podcast app?

Popular podcast app Pocket Casts just received a new update in its iOS incarnation, and it’s looking sweet. But… it’s always hard with podcast players or apps. There’s so many good options to choose from to solve what essentially is a rather simple task. Still, Pocket Casts 6 boasts a really beautiful look, and among a certain kind of niche (the kind that might be interested in this Digest), that's already a big plus.

Eric and Golden invite you flip off Dropdowns

Expanding upon what Luke Wroblewski has mentioned in the past, Dropdowns should generally be the last resort UI element you should ever consider using. Rdio's Eric Campbell and Google's Golden Krishna take it up a notch in their aptly titled keynote, “Fuck Dropdowns.” Informative and hilarious. Go listen to it. Right now.

Enter SamsungOne

Samsung brought renowned designer Neville Brody and his team to develop a typeface meant to help unify the Samsung brand across its huge line of products, as well as across regions, cultures and languages. Brody and his team go over the complex, exhaustive design process behind a project of this scale. And while it’s a little bit more than scratching the surface, it will definitely be a treat for typography enthusiasts.

What into the making of a Google font?

And while we’re on the subject of typography and design processes, what about what goes into the making of a Google typeface? Well, Format Magazine has got you covered!


The Dogs of Amazon – Dogs are nice and can make you smile, every now and then. So here’s Amazon’s new approach to 404s. Just be sure to hit ⌘ + R a bunch of times and get ready for the awwws.

This realistic Lego Minifig that will haunt your dreams – Unfortunately, this is the self-explanatory link of the week. It is, however, brilliant.

A study on the Stranger Things opening sequence – Hooked on the show? Maybe not, but maybe, like that study, you'll be once you get a better look at their opening sequence.


Here is where we share what our team members have been exposing their eardrums to the most during the week. This week, Tom Vranek shares his sound wave of preference.

“I really like discovering new music, and the best way to do it is by firing up my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. And this time I found this remix by Gramatik, ft. Leo Napier. This song really boosted my energy and creativity. I really feel like the Energizer Bunny whenever I listen to this – it gives me a lot of power! Track of the week for me!"