Designers' Digest 14

Our sweet Digest returns just in time for Sketch 39 (a rather dramatic jump from 3.8.3). The star feature here is the very self-explanatory Smart Symbol Resizing. The 4 different scaling options will help you get out of different situations and improve your workflow accordingly. The first thing most of us thought, probably, was “great! no need to have different symbols for every possible input size.”

You’ll get your first look at Sketch Cloud – a sharing service for Sketch files. Some other features included a new format-ignoring paste for text (finally! remember that alt + cmd + shift + V shortcut/hand contortion you had to do if you wanted to paste text while ignoring format?), switching between artboards with your keyboard and more. Check it out!


Vox Media shares its accessibility guidelines

Vox, the media company behind beloved websites such as The Verge and Polygon, recently shared a great accessibility checklist that started as an internal project a few years ago. It's aim is helping to help the Vox team provide the best possible experience to its users by listing different parameters to consider, sorted by department. Now open to everybody, here's a great utility to double-check when working on a project!

Get yo hand cursors off ma buttnz!

And now, one of the most interesting things we found during the week. This article by Adam Silver takes us back to the basics of form design: some taken for granted, some changed by both design trends and evolving platforms and design languages. While some of the reaction we've seen has certainly been divisive, the author manages to put things into perspective: we seemingly have reached a point in which links and buttons have become interchangeable.

Pttrns for complex web apps? Yes, please!

Nicely Done is a collection of patterns and visual elements found in complex web apps, as curated by Bertrand Bruandet. Nuff said! It’s great, and it’s really nice. Share away!

Fanta rebrand

Once upon a time, the beloved soft drink Fanta sported a quirky, squishy-looking logo. Fun, essentially! Now, a complete facelift has been commissioned for release in countries such as Romania, Italy, Poland, Serbia and Malta. The result is… definitely something to be seen. They even went as far as to conceive a new bottle design, to, we believe, mixed results. Alas.

Learn some UX for your VR

Whether it is because of space shooters (like Eve Valkyrie, in the picture), mosh pit simulators or other means of entertainment, VR is expanding rapidly as a medium, and for designers, it’s definitely a field to look into as of late. How to begin, though? Firsthand experience with the devices is certainly a must; however, going through research, talks and documentation on the medium is paramount. Good thing there's a bunch of resources available over here!


This website – So apt!

Crystal for Android – For those of you designing for Android and long for Sketch Mirror support, this will surely scratch the itch for the time being.

The Passport Index – Where does your passport rank when compared with the rest of the world's? What do other passports look like? Can we just agree that it's no surprise the Swiss passport is so predictably good-looking?


Here is where we share what our team members have been exposing their eardrums to the most during the week. This week, Filip Slovacek shares his sound wave of preference.

“Moderat finally released their hugely anticipated third LP earlier this year, and I loved it from the first to the last song. This is the fresh remix of the main single "Running", done by my favorite producer Âme. I love how he took the most interesting loops from the original and layered them in a more hypnotic and chilled way while keeping the amazing vocals. This is what I call intelligent club music these days. Track of the week for me.”