Back to Our Roots: STRV is the Main Partner of the 17th AppParade

STRV is proud to be the main partner of the 17th edition of AppParade, which has grown over the years from a small one-room event to a theater packed with young developers and fans. Every three months, the most talented developers in Europe have a chance to pitch the latest app they are working on. It is fun to watch them grow more and more confident.

In addition to watching the “app parade”, you can also enjoy some good beer and a great atmosphere. Make sure to stop by the STRV bar, where you can talk to many of our team members. You can also ask us about our projects or the recent opening of our L.A. office.

Bio Oko

Cinema Bio Oko (picture source:

This is one of our favorite events. We pitched our Lunchtime app at our first AppParade in 2010 when we were still known as uLikeIT. We are back this year as a main partner and will be giving out our own award for best app, which will be announced at the end of the evening. The winner will get brand new iPhone 6.

We’re really looking forward to meeting our friends, fans and many talented developers eager to show off their  innovative apps and services.

Join the 17th AppParade on December 8 at 20:30 at Cinema Bio Oko!