Another Mystery-ous STRV Team-building

We did a bit of sleuthing at our recent team-building earlier this month when our development offices came together in Prague to crack a whodunnit murder mystery.

Just look at all these happy-happy joy-joy snaps of this epic event. If they don’t scream #TwoHeadsAreBetterThanOne, #Teamwork, #FUN, (#Huh?) #STRVStrong and #AllThatJazz, then you have never been to one of our team-buildings before.

We always put on a good show! Followed, of course, by an even greater after show, party, blow-out, all-nighter … use your imagination.

Our November team-building was no exception. After unmasking the “murderer,” we headed headed upstairs to the seventh-floor Scrollbar to feast and drink the night away! Some of us even stuck around to watch the sun come up.

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