Ales Nesetril takes on new UI/UX projects in SF

Ales Nesetril, one of our top UI/UX designers, has been grabbing a lot of attention lately. In addition to recently sitting down for an interview with Medium, Ales also just came back from San Francisco, where he spent a month meeting with VC-backed startups and working on design concepts and prototypes for various STRV clients, including Basil, a restaurant payment app.


“We worked hard on a new concept to make it more intuitive and faster, basically letting you pay your restaurant bill in less than four taps on your phone,” Ales says. “The core of the app stays the same, but it has a new and refreshed look and feel.”

Ales was also invited to work on a new project under development by serial entrepreneur Razmig Hovaghimian, who successfully exited his startup Viki a few years ago, which was one of the biggest exits in 500 Startups history.

This was Ales first trip to the US, and he says is already looking forward to going back. “It was really great working with our clients in person,” says Ales. “I had this idea that this would be a vacation-slash-business trip, but then it turned out to be just a working trip. We definitely had a ton of projects to work on.”

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He did, however, manage to get away from STRV's office in San Francisco's financial district to check out a few of the city's iconic landmarks.

STRV routinely flies our engineers and designers to California to meet with clients at our offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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