5 recruitment hacks for startup founders

If you’re a startup founder reading this, we get it. You’re in the middle of trying to balance heaven and hell while reminding yourself to eat, sleep and somehow squeeze in Game of Thrones – and you could use a little help because well, you’re only human.

So get yourself a team of top talent warriors. How? Start by printing out this list of hella important recruitment hacks and stick to it:

1. Attract good candidates with big ideas

Seduce people with your far fetched visions and colorful beliefs, and then take notice of who is excited to jump off the cliffs with you. Your values and ideas should turn into the blood of the team.

2. Build your personal brand

Take your networking game to the next level. Get over your anxiety and go to meetups and conferences. Start blogging and spreading like a mad online disease to avoid being a nobody.

3. Let professionals evaluate the skill level

If you don’t know a field, stay out of it. Leave it to the coding experts to find out if the new engineer really knows his stuff.

4. Have an assistant

Save yourself tons of time by having an assistant you trust. Give them access to your inbox and let them handle all the practical communication with candidates on your behalf. When you scale up, good recruitment team is a must.

5. Be human

Cut the crap and get to know people before hiring them. Have lunch, grab a beer or 5, find out if you can actually get along with them. Not sure about culture fit? Imagine being with the person for a two-week vacation – can you handle it? There’s your answer.

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In a few days, we’ll be discussing more of the best tips and practices that industry leaders swear by. The speakers will go over what works (and what doesn’t) so feel free to join us for the Building Great Tech Teams roundtable on September 12th, 6.30 pm., General Assembly, 225 Bush street, San Francisco.

Our speakers:

  • Jeff Tannenbaum, Investor, BlueRun Ventures
  • Kelly Kinnard, VP Talent, Battery Ventures
  • Shivani Sharma, Senior Engineering Manager, Slack
  • Matej Matolin, Head of Talent, STRV